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Main challenges

Designing and creating a new, interactive application that ensures a fully digitised procedure to start a new business.

A 360-partnership for a successful Greenfield project 

Starting up a company is easier than ever now that the procedure has been digitalised from start to finish. Fednot, the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries, was given a mandate to ensure that the start-up procedure for every new business would be fully digitalised from 1 August 2021 onwards. Under the old procedure, business owners had to physically visit a civil-law notary to have a deed of incorporation signed. Digitising this step has made establishing a new business much simpler. 

A 360-partnership for a successful Greenfield project 

The new interactive www.startmybusiness.be is a pioneering project in every respect, both for entrepreneurs and civil-law notaries, in a profession that still operates on a largely analogue basis today. Recently, Fednot invested in several digitalisation initiatives, and this new application also contributes to this evolution. The innovative nature of this project prompted Fednot to join forces with The Value Hub.

“Being able to set up a company digitally offers several advantages to notaries. We aim to strengthen the notarial profession in today’s digital world. This development is no longer reversible, and we attach considerable importance to our ability to serve our customers in this way.”

— Katrin Roggeman, President of the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries

The challenge

The transition to a digital procedure with different inputs and outputs from and for a diversity of users within a complex legal context was far from simple. The Value Hub received a clear brief: how can we create an integrated and clear user journey for the end user, the entrepreneurs, together with the client? Despite the complexity of the application, we had to ensure that its user-friendliness would not be compromised and that the users would be guaranteed sound notarial advice.

We therefore started with co-creative design sprints, which were facilitated by our subsidiary Shape & Shift. They devised different requirements, subsequently conceiving features for them, which they further developed. Thanks to its business analysis insights and experience, Shape & Shift was also able to easily navigate the legal context and restrictions. This was then translated into a functional product analysis. 

Instead of looking for a supplier for this challenging project, we opted for a partner with a wide range of competencies and a solid understanding of the business world.

— Tom Vanautryve, Enterprise Business Manager at Fednot

Developing and designing the product together

Ultimately, product design and product backlog management are crucial for projects such as these. By closely involving Fednot in every stage of the product development process, we were able to develop a solution that offered relevant added value to civil-law notaries and future business owners. Thanks to this co-creative approach, we were able to jointly maintain the product vision and transparently develop a roadmap and product backlog, culminating in a successful end product.

A smooth transition between the different phases

Following the preparatory work, The Value Hub was able to count on the wide-ranging expertise available within the Bewire group. In short: the collaboration with Fednot consisted of pooling the right knowledge at the right time. The Value Hub’s hybrid team of specialists took care of every aspect of the project, providing peace of mind. They worked seamlessly with Fednot, ensuring that the combined input from various parties added value to the end result.

The Value Hub provided us with open-minded specialists with a broad range of technical expertise, in addition to analytical profiles, who developed the best business processes together with us, as well as creatives who supported us with the UX and the delivery of a customer-facing application.

— Tom Vanautryve, Enterprise Business Manager at Fednot

Flexibility in terms of implementation, delivery and budget

This collaboration enabled us to emphasise The Value Hub’s capacities as a full-fledged partner in the development and roll-out digital projects. The mutual trust offered us an opportunity to develop a finished product that seamlessly meets the end user’s needs. We responded to evolving insights, anticipated on new information or feedback, and this agile mindset was apparent in terms of implementation, delivery and budget. 

Where others were daunted by the complexity and the initial high-level architecture of this project, The Value Hub was happy to work with us from the conceptual phase onwards to develop a solution.

— Tom Vanautryve, Enterprise Business Manager at Fednot

The impact of partnership

This project was a good test for our organisation. We believe in the power of this multidisciplinary team and have proven yet again that we can make a tremendous difference for our customers and their end users, working in various areas of expertise. 

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