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Life at The Value Hub



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Djordi Claes


We tried ChatGPT, but what better way to describe life at The Value Hub than to ask one of our employees? There ain’t one.

To start with a big cliché:

Working doesn’t feel like working at The Value Hub.

Allow us to describe how we do things at The Value Hub and why you definitely want to be a part of it.

In it together

We’re not just another consultancy firm, and we like to prove that with actions rather than words. Let’s highlight some of our culture’s USP’s

To start with: freedom of speech is key. Everyone – and all communication – is transparent, there are no hidden agendas and the focus is on respect. Sounds obvious? Maybe…, but ask our customers, they will agree!

And what about the hierarchy? It doesn’t exist. We collaborate, co-create and challenge each other at the same time. People with solid opinions evoke inspiring discussions, and that’s how we like it.

life at the value hub: event

Last but not least… events are part of the deal - we love to reconnect and do it offline.

A late drive home from one of our activities is something you should be prepared for.

Our offices are buzzing. The atmosphere, fully filled fridges, breakfast and lunch sessions are just a few reasons that get us there. Oh, and the darts sessions can get heated, if one of us has an off day...

It’s up to you!

Cliché nr. 2: you’re not a number. You’re in the driver’s seat. You decide on the road you want to take, the sidetracks that spark your imagination, the car you want for the journey,...

Everyone knows his or her responsibilities and we expect progress and regular alignment. The way you (like to) handle things? Up to you! We swear by flexible schedules, full autonomy and no micromanagement, at all.

Besides that, we invest in learning.  You choose what’s key to improve what you do and who you are, and we’re here to discuss the options. In-house sessions, external courses… you name it, we offer it. We even built our own digital learning platform involving dozens of learning tracks designed by our own people.

G(r)o(w) getter

We believe standing still is going backwards. Cliché but true. Our approach? Offering many career opportunities and supporting every valuable initiative. We're a group of entrepreneurs in an environment that fully enables it.

A surprising idea?
An interesting opportunity?
An own venture?

We’re here to talk and see what we can come up with to build your case!

And you’re not alone… Our internal teams are the foundations of our scaling company.

Marketing, employer branding, learning... to name just a few. They pull The Value Ship through the rocky waves and offer the opportunity to our people to work on something they really care about.

men working

According to us, rules are to be broken. The Value Hub and its people challenge the status quo and go for improvement. Not only for clients – we want to step up and guide our organization to the next level as well. We’re g(r)o(w) getters, as you like…

If you’re not convinced about life at The Value Hub by now, I’m not sure if you’ll ever be…

Okay… tell me where to apply!

about the author

Djordi Claes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Djordi Claes is Business Analyst and Product Owner at The Value Hub. He focusses on maximizing value for digital products through design thinking and strategy, both at his customers and internally, as employer branding responsible. By defining a product vision & roadmap, he involves customers and stakeholders during the entire lifecycle. Besides, he’s particularly interested in dynamic startup environments and the digital challenges they face. That’s one of the reasons he loves helping teams improve their product ideation & refinement activities.